Wednesday-March 3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I can see another month flying by with it already being the 3rd of March today.The weather is starting to warm up around here,( melting on the roads)  and it's that time of year when I start Spring cleaning. It's usually NOT alot of work for me though, since I declutter and clean all year round. Things like outside windows, carpet cleaning and those outdoor things will wait till Summer. I mostly just have things to clean like inside closets and cupboards. I've already breezed through half of our home on my "slow" days around here.It will be nice once the weather is warm enough to open the windows and let everything freshen up.

Gerry is getting a good tax refund back so we will be putting a small part towards our trip fund and I know this year he has talked up putting the siding on the workshop. Not sure what else at this point.We decided this year not to take the cash back option offered by H&R Block. We did last year. Must have needed the money as far as I can remember as this year, it would have costed us over $300 to take that option and we said we could wait to get the refund back. After all that is alot of money. In May his company gives a yearly bonus as well to all their workers, which is another boost. We need the roof redone on our mobile home, so that will be a for sure thing that needs to get done. We were told it was pretty bad.We had priced out a contractor for it before and it was quite high so Gerry is talking about checking around for pricing and doing it himself. I personally think it's too much work for one person, plus alot of up an down on the ladder.Hard on the knees and the body. Has anyone else did their roof by themselves?

We still have the travel bug. After getting back from our vacation, and always on the lookout for a super flight deal, Gerry said he'd love to go somewhere again. I would love to hear if you are going on a Spring Break this year or have a Summer holiday planned.


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