An Eco Friendly Fall

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall is that time of the year when everything slows down and gets ready to rest and hibernate in the winter. With its crisp air and changing leaves, there's no doubt that Fall is a favorite season to many. It's not too hot or too cold and you can enjoy the great outdoors. It is also the perfect to appreciate our environment.

This season fall into Fall with some environmentally friendly products, after all we want the future generations to enjoy this beautiful season, year after year. So as you go for that Fall hike to the woods, or close up the summer cottage for the season, look around and delight in the world around you and know that you have done your part to keep this planet better than we have found it. With these eco friendly products you can make a small difference in a big way.


Protecting the hands from all of our environmental conditions, and the aging process, is of paramount importance. The hands are involved in every aspect of your life. The Skin is subject to all environmental conditions and internal circulatory problems.
What It’s For: Dry, small cuts, abrasions, scales, hyper pigmentation, cracked or split nails.
DIRECTIONS: Use at least 3 times a day, especially after each hand wash.

For those people who are fed up with dry and flaky Skin, rough heels, scaling between toes, this is the one.
What It’s For: Dry, flaky, scaly, Skin splits, fissures, calluses, discomfort in heel.
DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, massage generous amount into entire bottom of both feet and up towards the ankles. Use morning and night.

JACO-  (Women's Hooded Henley)

This athletic hooded Henley features contrast stitched paneling and lightweight performance fabric. This garment is made with 45% Rayon from Bamboo 35% Polyester and 20% Cotton.
JACO is an elite performance sports brand made for men and women that designs apparel for the training disciplines and emerging culture of a new breed of athletes. Their Hybrid Training Performance Apparel collection can be used for any active individual whether they are boot camp training or practicing yoga.

Clean Well products are natural, use no harsh chemicals and are kid and pet-friendly! With a wide line of botanical surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers, families can feel safe using their products in everyday life. The products use a natural thyme-oil blend to kill germs, and there is no rinsing required after wiping down a surface!

 Boots Botanics-

Botanics uses the power of plants and other organic ingredients to make the perfect Eco-friendly skincare line.  Raw materials are used in the creation of our products and packaging is easily recyclable. Developed with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Botanics lines include All Bright, Shine Away, Ultra Calm, Age Defense, Organic and Rebalance.  These lines guarantee the perfect product for individuals of all ages and skin types. 

Tom’s of Maine-

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

Free from artificial preservatives including parabens and synthetic fragrance, Tom’s of Maine new men’s deodorants are specially formulated to provide 24 hour odor protection with a wide stick application. The natural, vegetable-based formula is clinically proven to help inhibit and neutralize odor through the antimicrobial action of hops and zinc ricinoleate. Natural masculine fragrances provide a pleasant scent while organic aloe vera juice offers a soothing feel.

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine been developing natural oral care solutions for over 30 years, and Whole Care® toothpaste offers many solutions in one. It fights cavities, whitens with naturally sourced silicas, freshens breath, and helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup with regular brushing

Kiss My Face-

Kiss My Face Body lotion in Honey and Calendula

This amazing ancient combo is wonderful for moisturizing dry chapped skin. Restorative and hydrating Honey is blended with healing and soothing Calendula for a formula that helps relieve thirsty distressed skin. Try it and see what the buzz is about.

Absorb this! Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so treat it right! Kiss My Face’s unique, balanced formulas are bursting with botanicals and essential oils to soothe and hydrate your hands, face and body. After bath or anytime, let  their sensational scents and extracts nourish your skin, senses and soul. It is also gluten free, paraben free, biodegradable, phthalate free, no animal testing, vegan friendly and sls free.

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  1. I like the Tom's of Maine brand. I didn't realize they had been around so long.


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