Rashell’s Success Story on Weight Watchers

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weight Watcher’s has been around for many years where it got its start in the personal kitchen of Ms. Jean Nidetech.  She wanted a healthy way to lose weight, needing the help and support of friends and family to stay on track.  Ms. Nidetech began inviting people over for weekly meetings where they shared health and nutrition tips that led them to a weight loss. Since those kitchen meetings, the word spread worldwide where groups developed by the millions to gather on a weight loss journey.

Rashell’s Successful Path

Rashell was a young lady, age 43 that had a beginning weight of 289 lbs, high blood pressure and cholesterol, along with being pre-diabetic.  Excess weight was a lifelong problem for her but seemed to accelerate after she married the love of her life.  She wanted so much to be fit and enjoy activities with her step-children, husband, pets, family and friends, causing her to decide on a weight loss plan.  Everyone was so supportive in her life, especially her husband who was open to new creative ways of cooking and eating. 

 Rashell began her journey on Weight Watchers in 2011 and to date has lost 137 pounds.  With the weight loss, she has also gained control of her cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  She is no longer pre-diabetic.  A typical day in the life of this young woman included:

·         A protein breakfast of egg substitute with sausage or bacon and veggies.
·         Lunch often consisted of a fresh salad to include a protein, veggies, pecans and craisins, topped by low-fat or fat-free dressing.
·         A typical dinner would include a Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine frozen meal accompanied with veggies and/or a salad. 
·         Snacks throughout the day included low-fat popcorn, fresh fruits, low-fat, lo-cal yogurt, pudding cups, sugar-free jell-o, just to name a few.

Rashell states that she did not do much exercise throughout but did enjoy a daily walk each morning and sometimes again in the evening.  She claims that this was not a diet but a lifestyle change for permanent weight loss.  She also credits her success to a special treat she allowed herself each Friday as a way to say “a job well done.”

Discounts to Weight Loss

Securing a coupon or other discount of savings is frequently more of an incentive to a weight loss journey to make that crucial step towards a life changing decision.  Being an educated and observant consumer, you can often hear of special televised offers and commercials ads.  Online, you can also Google for savings and may secure some options at   You can find such values as a six-month savings plan, $25 off a three month savings plan online, 30 percent off meetings and more.  View your choice of options and take note of expiration dates to ensure the best discounts and values. Another site you can look at for Weight Watchers promotions is CouponCabin.

Considerations on Weight Watchers

Following the weight watchers plan can be time consuming and tricky initially, since you count points and not calories.  To determine points, you factor in portions, fat, protein and fiber.  Once you become more familiar with the program, you learn what and what not to eat, along with proper size portions.  Your best bet to success is to get yourself a small electronic points calculator and take it with you everywhere you go, especially when shopping.  You will always be equipped with the important tool for victory in choosing the appropriate foods for a successful weight loss journey.

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