A Halloween Movie Night!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween is a great time for all things scary and fun. If you do not feel like Halloween parties, a movie night at home may be a great way to spend the time. Select scary age appropriate movies and turn off the lights if it's not too frightening!

Don't forget the snacks, cause nothing is scarier than a growling tummy!

Great Snacks:
Kernel Seasons-(USA

Whether it's a Halloween inspired movie night or comedy marathon movie night, no movie is complete without popcorn! And no popcorn is complete without Kernel Season's popcorn seasonings. Kernel Season's offers 12 shake-on seasonings, available at grocery stores nationwide, perfect for adding a kick of flavor and excitement to popcorn without the guilt. The low calorie, no fat, gluten free seasonings are made with real ingredients and all natural blends. The MSG free and Kosher certified flavors can be combined or mixed with other popcorn toppings. For Halloween, why not shake on Kernel Season's Caramel seasoning and add mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and coconut flakes. Or you can try another flavor and mix in your favorite candies for a sweet treat. If sweet is not your style, try one of the many savory flavors like White Cheddar or Ranch. The great thing about Kernel Season's is that the entire family can customize their popcorn without having to buy different snacks. With just a few bags of popcorn and a few popcorn seasonings, everyone in the family can have a Halloween snack they enjoy.

Cosmos Creations-

Cosmos Creations is a premium baked corn snack. It's a delicious alternative to other more popular snacks, that  comes in  flavors such as Salted  Caramel, Cinnamon  Crunch, Sea Salt and Butter and  Caramel. But the flavors  aren't they only thing that makes this treat great. In  every bag, the baked  corn is gluten  free, trans  fat free, non GMO and  has no kernels or hulls! So  try Cosmos Creations scrumptious  flavors for your scary movie night!

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