Google Hangout: Better Money Habits: Understanding Credit

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Confused about credit? Not sure how your credit score works? Well, don’t miss the opportunity to get answers to all of your credit questions!

On Monday, November 4th, Bank ofAmerica and Khan Academy will be hosting a Google Hangout called Better Money Habits: Understanding Credit. It will focus on addressing the often complicated world of credit and credit scores and will be moderated by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, along with four credit experts, including:

·         Rob Habgood, Credit & Underwriting, Bank of America
·         Ian Cohen, CEO,
·         Farnoosh Torabi, Personal Finance Expert & Author
·         Branden Recker, Financial Counselor, GreenPath Debt Solutions

Here’s where you come in!

Before the Hangout on November 4th, we’re asking YOU to submit your most pressing questions about credit.  Let us know by October 30th and we’ll share them with Bank of America to be answered during the Hangout. Then, on or after November 4th you can watch the Hangout here: 

       How can I build/rebuild my credit? What are specific steps to take?
       How can I avoid hurting my credit, what are the most common missteps, and why does it matter? How do I avoid credit scams?
       How does my debt affect my credit? How can I best manage/reduce my debt?
       What goes into a credit score and how is it calculated? Where specifically is it used and not used? When to review your credit report, what to look for and what goes into it.
       What is the impact of having good credit long‐term? What are some healthy habits that will keep me financially fit and in good credit standing?

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