Home Improvement with Home Depot

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Friday we'll  be heading off to Saskatoon, and while there, we will be shopping at Home Depot Canada. When you become a homeowner, this soon becomes your favorite store. It's surprising just how many things that are needed in the simple maintenance of home and property, or what fun things you can find when you are doing improvements.
Gerry and I will be replacing the laminate and tile flooring in our home, and will be sure to share photos with everyone of our Before and After shots.
Right now it is a "mishmash" of different colors, and it would be nice to have an even color and feel throughout our home.
Thankfully there is quite a selection at Home Depot and as such, we hope to get some higher quality laminate flooring, that will not only look nice but that will also last. While there, we will be sure to snoop around some too  because you never know what you may find when shopping at the Home Depot.

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