Friday May 23

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wow, I cannot believe we've almost zipped through all of May. Our trip to Orlando will be coming up in about 2 weeks. Although it will be a short 4 days there, we plan on making them full days- especially taking in new things the parks are always offering. You try to see so much but after hours of walking around for the day, your feet have usually given up and your ready to call it a day. We are looking forward to getting away though. In July we hope to take the rv out as well. I've been cleaning it and Gerry has been doing all the mechanical aspects of it that he can. He wasn't too happy though that there was so much that did need to be done with it. When we bought it from the dealer we had thought they had inspected everything on it but actually hadn't. We did have to take it in to the garage as the "check engine light" was staying on and the oil pressure was up. Turned out to be a sensor- costing us $150. We had been trying to sell the rv though as Gerry was wanting one with a slide out, but haven't been to successful and certainly aren't' "giving it away." 

We've done some minor fix ups inside too- including spray painting the rusty furnace grates and giving them a new look, gold light fixtures to black, and have plans to do some painting over the wallpaper in there. It's amazing what some paint can do ! I will have to try to remember to get some before and after pictures as well. I don't always remember to do that.

Gerry just got his truck back yesterday as well from the shop- was still on warranty- last month for that. Had to do some part replacements that would have costed $2500 if not on warranty but instead was $100 for the deductible only. Phewww!

We've been noticing how the prices are going up so much- especially on groceries. We are limited too around here where we can shop. Small town.But am still using my coupons, shopping sales and refusing to pay more than I feel is fair price on anything.We had a supermarket close down here a few years ago that was nice that it had a reduced section in most departments and I took advantage of that, but nothing here anymore like that.

I've even started cutting apart my face pads for breakouts- I don't need a full pad- so will cut down to 4 pieces now. Using only one piece at a time and adding the other pieces back in the jar.

I tell Gerry that when it comes time for him to retire in a few short years we'll already be ready with the adjustment of living on less.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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