Monday- Victoria Day- Canada

Monday, May 19, 2014

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, meaning a long weekend, holiday Monday. Nice to have Gerry around today . We were able to get the windows all done today. He washed all the outsides and took the screens out for me, (hosing them off), while I did the glass cleaning from inside. Put the patio table and chairs out too, and Gerry is suppose to bring out the yard ornaments. The leaves are only JUST starting to bud on some of the trees. We're still lacking color around here in our outdoors, but nice to feel some heat from the sun some days and see a blue sky.

Cleaned out the garage the other day and listed some things for sale that sold right away, and bought some new solar lights for the yard .

Baked some Date Squares today. I don't eat them but Gerry likes them.

Like to go through recipes every so often. weeding out ones I won't be using after all, and putting some aside to try. Like to have a bit of baking in the freezer as well, and it was looking a little "slim" for the picking. My mom also lives nearby so I can run over there for some supplies if I don't quite have everything I need for my recipe.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.


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