Monday- May 5th

Monday, May 5, 2014

Well, let's start off with complaining about the weather.  Boy, it would be nice to be back in sunny Arizona again. Our furnace has still been running here, maybe had my windows opened twice this year, and we still haven't put the clothes line up. Terrible, terrible. 

On a brighter note though, our rv is suppose to be arriving Thursday so that will be nice. When we saw it we didn't really look it over too much. Kinda hard with the dealer there to open every cubby, but he did say the original owners did leave some things behind in there. So guess we'll see what we keep, what we sell and what we donate.

Our trip to Orlando will be in a month, but we'll be flying, and not looking too forward to the flight part of it. With my tailbone issue, ( which I am going to see a new doctor for a second opinion for tomorrow for), it makes sitting on harder seats and small plane seats, very uncomfortable. Called the airline today to see if we had seats together and they said we weren't pre-seated yet, but we could do that for a fee. Why does everything have to cost a fee? I said really? Some airlines we can go online and pre-select our seats. I told him I would wait till 24 hours prior to our departure and just try to book them for free then, because you can pre-select seats 24 hours prior to departure, online.

On the weekend I saved $100 on a new ceiling fan for the spare room. Paid $50 plus tax. Wanted to replace the white one that was is in there, that also had a balance issue.

Had to take Jake to the vet on Friday. Seemed to be rubbing at his face alot on one side. Vet "thought" he may have some inflammation on his gums...gave him some penicillin. Vet exam: $75! Pills another $30. Highway robbery. Said if we were going to get him a teeth cleaning- $480. Vet place 4 hours down the road- $250. Go figure! He does have some plaque and tartar build up. Half way done his pills and still seems to be rubbing his whiskers on one side from time to time. So who really knows. Will give it a bit longer and keep an eye on him.


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