Tuesday- September 30

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last day of the month. Was raining mostly all night and looks like today is really going to help bring Fall in further.Raining again and suppose to continue all day. Dreary . I miss the sun and the clear, blue sky. Even Jakey just wants to sleep.
Have been busy looking at online videos and reading about Arizona and California's dry camping, RV parks. Also, we have points on our timeshare to use for next year, so will need to take a look at where we will want to fly to next Spring, without it costing us too much for air. I've had a few ideas in mind to travel to, but either the air is too much or the flights are too early, and Gerry and I don't do early morning flights.

Erika received a bunch of the other winning lighters and her own Bic lighter creation that won her $1,000 a few months ago. They will be in convenience stores in Canada from now till the end of the year.

She has messaged Bic to see if indeed these are out in stores yet.She received 5 of her own design, which she will be keeping one and passing the rest out to the family.

Gerry started going for his own wood this year. Has the chain saw, the truck and of course the log splitter. Went out 2 days in a row.Good he did that over the last 2 days as we are in for 2 days of rain now. 

His dad passed away last week though so he took a day for bereavement leave but has a few more coming. We have to leave town this week for a few things to do in the city, so will take the balance of those days then.

Told him to be on the lookout for 2 small trees for our front yard. We have alot of trees in the back yard but would be nice to have some in the corners of the front yard. Had thought about a fence there or a hedge but the fence would cost too much, and we have enough wasps/hornets with the neighbors hedges to the right of us, that I don't think I want more to the left of us as well. You have to be careful getting in and out of our vehicles in the Spring/Summer. 


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