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Sunday, January 11, 2015

There will always be a big part in us that would like to know where we came from, what our ancestors were like, and what we will pass on to the next generation in our family. We can always ask our elders but we can also find out by doing something very simple... get our DNA tested.

23andMe Canada offers information on our health and ancestry through their DNA kits. All we have to do is order a DNA collection kit containing detailed instructions on how to provide a saliva sample. When a kit arrives, register the specific bar code number so your specific information will be processed. And then the DNA kit should be sent back to 23andMe in a pre-paid packaging provided by them.

Gerry and I both got kits we did and sent out over for testing. It was very simple. We just had to spit in a vial, seal and fill out the registration form out online, and mail our sample in.

We will be waiting for 8 weeks for the results. It is a really cool concept. Our privacy is assured and security of information is of utmost important to them. Learn more about DNA testing at now.

We'll let you all know how the results turned out as soon as we know! 

***The kits  sell for $199 per person and shipping.

*** Update: We got our results back and were disappointed with this. 
I'm glad this was a review and we never paid money out of pocket as we would have been very disappointed with the money we lost. 
Alot of our results were: could be this or could be that, or there was a chance of this or a chance of that. Really not much that was informative to either of us. 
Save your money with this one.


  1. That is very exciting, I am hoping you will share the results with us.

  2. I think it results in pages of info that is available online and not hard copy afterwards that you access, but I definitely can share to a degree what it's all about and our thoughts on our results.

  3. Not what I expected the results to show, oh well.


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