Manufacturers Continue To Downsize Their Groceries

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well, it seems that every time we head to the grocery store we're seeing the downsizing of groceries.We are seeing that products have slimmed down while grocers are charging the same price.

Today was a perfect example when I bought Christie's Goodie Ring cookies. I immediately noticed the bag I once got that I thought was 350-400 g was now a box and  had gotten about half the size smaller than what it used to be, yet the cost remained the same.

Getting back home, I looked at a few other items, joking to Gerry that the Kraft Cheez Whiz used to be 500 g and I bet it was 400 g now. Upon actually looking at it, I saw it was 450 g. So it had actually downsized.


So what can we do? Unfortunately little. But we can become smarter shoppers. Buying clearance/ reduced products, shopping sale flyers, combining coupons with sales, buying in bulk, and more. 

What are YOU doing to fight the war on high food costs?

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