4 Reasons Why January is the Best Time To Buy a Car

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1. January is typically a slow month for car sales because of the bad weather and the financial "hangover" people are feeling after spending so much money during the holidays. This means those that can afford to buy a car in January can negotiate for a lower price.

2. The availability and variety of new model-year vehicles (2015 in this case) hits its stride in January, with plenty of stock at dealerships versus the slow trickle of new model year vehicles that slowly builds in the fall. Buyers looking for maximum choice will find it in January.

3. Because of the cold January weather in most of the country vehicles like SUVs and crossovers will be in higher demand, but convertibles and sports cars will be in low demand. Buyers interested in these types of vehicles can probably get a better deal on them in January, especially in colder climates.

4. If any previous model-year vehicles (2014 in this case) are still at dealerships a buyer could negotiate a very low price on them. There won't be many of these, so choices will be limited, but if a shopper happened to find a 2014 model they liked it would be an opportunity to get a great deal.

Tips provided by Kelley Blue Book, the leading auto resource that enables consumers to make more informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling a car.

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