Review: Vitalife Dog Treats

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jakey- our 3 year old Yorkie- recently had the opportunity to promote for Vitalife, their dog treats that we knew have always been his #1. We wanted to tell readers how much he loves their Chicken Tenders, and now the Duck Tenders, which my mom had gotten him hooked on. He tried the Chicken Nuggets, which are more of a cookie type treat but didn't care for them as much, knowing he had the chicken and duck jerky.

Walmart was out of the Chicken Tenders one time and she just happened to have gotten the duck. Who would have known? He LOVES them. He will stand at the pantry door anytime he wants his strips, and most times we won't touch his other food without these as a "starter". These dog treats are extremely popular so be warned that once your dog tries them, they may get hooked and snub their noses up to anything else you give them afterwards!

Vitalife treats can be found online and at selected retailersVitaLife dog treats are made with all natural, farm fresh,wholesome, pure and simple ingredients, and come in a large variety of flavors for your dog to try.  100% natural ingredients with no added Glycerin, Salt, Artificial Colors or Artificial Flavors!

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