Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day Flowers - Update

Surprise! Early flower arrangement arrived from Erika and Jon today!
Thank you! Flowers sure brighten up the day and your home!

My other daughter Ria will also be giving me a nice Mothers Day gift, arriving home after being gone 5 months to Honduras. Her and her fiance arrive Sunday and she'll be here for another 3 months possibly before she leaves again for the Fall/Winter/Spring.

And flowers Gerry brought home after work:

*** Update:
Ria arrived home from Honduras.
Today I was greeted with these very nice flowers and Yorkie holder:


Our " New To Us" RV

I'm a little late on posting some pictures of our rv, but here they are. 

We've been busy cleaning it and doing some things like check ups for the fluids, etc.. Currently though we have it up for sale already. We found another in a buy and sell. Gerry is thinking we were too quick in buying this one without looking around. He's looking at ones now with a slide out or two, that help make it wider inside when parked. He also found one that has all the extras he wants and is cheaper. So if we can sell this one, buy the other, ( IF it's still for sale), we're less in the hole. Once Fall/Winter comes, he should also be able to sell the snow machine for $5,000 and that will also reduce our cost. 

For now though, it's ours, and we're making it like home.
We have our trip to Orlando, ( which we're flying), the first part of June, so it will more than likely not be a trip out with it till the first part of July.