Book Review: From Middle Class to Millionaire

Friday, March 6, 2015

When life gets busy it is more difficult to find time to read. This is why when I do have time for a book, I like to make sure it is one that I can learn something from.

Recently I read, From Middle Class to Millionaire: The Money Handbook for the Other 99% by David Lester. This book identifies the money obstacles that the everyday Canadian has to deal with as well as helps you build solutions to do just that. The book identifies the challenges of David's four “Ps” that the middle class faces and tries to find ways to re-catch the prosperity of yesteryear.

While I was not much into investing part of the book, I really enjoyed the later chapters and the practical advice given in an non technical language. I love books on saving money, so in the near future, I hope to read the author's first book – “I (heart) money". Be sure to also check out his blog I Heart Money. David offers some great free reading tips on it!

Also be sure to see his other book available: I Heart Money.
Read a sample of the I Heart Money US edition book!

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