Vegas- Tuesday March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gerry and I headed out ** before lunch this morning, to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where we were all excited about our  Richard Petty Drive Along . 

We arrived and were given wrist bands to use to claim our photos of us in the car, afterwards, as well as a  jump drive that recorded out ride along, which we were given the option to purchase afterwards as well. We were then suited in racing suits and helmets, and waited for our ride. We had about a 15 minute wait once we were suited, and waited for others in line to be finished with their rides. It certainly was an experience. Gerry describes it as the "holy crap experience" -lol!! It was different alright and over before we knew it. Gerry went in one car and I in another- doing 3 track laps each, at speeds of up to 160 miles an hour. I can say my stomach felt a bit iffy and the G force definitely plays on the body on the curves, but was still glad we did it- and would recommend others to try it! It was very warm in the car, and I could feel for how it must be for the drivers doing a race with many laps in that heat.

Thank you Richard Petty Drive Along Las Vegas- for an experience we both will always remember! ** (If you are staying on the strip when in the city, please allow at least an hour to get there- as it is in the north end.)

We spent the evening playing some slots, and also went to the Ka Show by Cirque de Soleil. Love their shows! Would recommend seeing any while in Vegas. But I have another late night up- 1 am again , my time .. so off to bed and talk to tomorrow.

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