Book Review: Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review by: Jon

A two-book set for web designers and front-end developers

This two-book set combines the titles HTML & CSS: Designing and Building Web Sites and JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Development. Together these two books form an ideal platform for anyone who wants to master HTML and CSS before stepping up to JavaScript and jQuery.

Our reviewer Jon says:

- the books are nicely laid out and easy to read with visual graphics, not a plain text black and white type of writing style
- downloadable code allows you to easily follow along with the examples and tutorials in the book
- price is well worth it
- can be used by a person new to coding working on their very first webpage to people who are working in the industry that have built many websites
- first book will take you through HTML & CSS concepts to build a basic webpage then the second book, Javascript & JQuery, will take you through more advanced concepts to add interactivity to your webpages (as the names suggest)
- if you are looking at building websites as a hobby or career, these 2 books are a must!

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