Vegas- Wednesday March 25

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh goodness, I hate to say it, but we're back to the room for the evening and it's 10:15 pm Las Vegas time but our time from back home- it's 12:15 am and here we are eating late. No wonder my stomach has been acting up while I've been here. Too much off schedule with everything- the getting up, going to bed and odd eating times. But we are enjoying no snow and the blue sky and sun!

We started our day around 11 am today. Gerry had wanted to go to Camping World here and so we stopped. He bought himself a RV GPS- something he's wanted since he got our RV, and we also signed up for the 2 year Good Sam Club membership - which will give us discount on campgrounds, gas, Camping World merchandise and more.

It seems to take so much of our time just driving for points A-B in the city. But we've had a reliable vehicle getting us around, from National Car Rental-  driving a 2015 Dodge Caravan. Good on gas a great ride. From where we are at, on Las Vegas Blvd South  it takes about 20 minutes to get to the strip and about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the north end when we're reviewing anything at that end.

Lunch today was Olive Garden with gift cards I had.Was my first time to one of those restaurants. We've just been eating toast and fruit for breakfast- nice having the condo, where we're all self contained- even have our own washer and dryer in the condo.

This afternoon we visited the Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum. We had been here years ago, but the displays had changed- there were alot of new ones. And it was so cool to see all the figures. They are so realistic. So if in Vegas you have to see this place. All the celebrities and singers all seemed to be so slim and trim we noticed as well. Once we were amongst the figures, at times we had to do a double take to see who the visitors of the museum were and the wax figures- as the figures were so real looking. And we really liked that the museum was not over crowed. Must see!!

In the evening we went to the Louie Anderson Show. The show is at the Plaza Hotel in the older part of Vegas. A step back in time to the older show rooms, more casual and intimate entertainment. We were front row seating which was nice. Louie had a great guy named Lou Magelowitz warm up the audience, who was great- made us laugh.. then Louie himself came on and did his show. Some of his material is already obviously prepared and he does alot of his jokes about food and eating. But he also converses with the audience and makes jokes off the top of his head. Everyone seemed to have had a good time though. I knew Louie from many tv shows and bit parts. He told us he had his show for 2 years and was going to be done in a few days. Perhaps on to a new tv show. Good luck Louie- we'll be watching for it!

We tried our luck on the slot machines in the Plaza Hotel, but there wasn't alot of people really on the machines, not like in the newer part of Vegas in the bigger hotels and casinos. We weren't lucky at all like we had been in the other newer hotels, which led us to believe that the casino here wasn't paying out the ones on the Strip. 

We had a good day though- the days are sunny and warm but the evenings cool off quite quickly.

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