Protecting Your Home on a Tight Budget

Friday, March 6, 2015

Home security systems are a crucial component of any home. It is important for every homeowner that their home be safe from burglars. However, after the money used in creating the home into what it is, most homeowners are left with a severe budgetary shortfalls. This creates a need to come up with a security solution that does not cost a fortune.

In the past, securing your home meant spending a lot of money to have security experts come hard-wire your house, agreeing to a massive contract and paying huge monthly fees to run the systems.

However, with the advent of modern technology, simple, inexpensive and creative home security solutions are fast gaining traction among homeowners.
Some of the inexpensive solutions to consider when looking to keep your home burglar free include:

1.  Use of DIY security solutions 

With technology making inroads among the greater populace today, a new wave of smart and do-it-yourself friendly gadgets are increasingly changing the way people protect their property.

These security solutions are built around very simple plug and play friendly sensors that are compatible with Smart phones. They are mobile and allow you control over how you want to protect your property.

Examples of these include low cost high technology solutions like easily install-able door and window break in sensors, infrared motion detectors and remote controls.

Most importantly, these security solutions do not require contracts and usually require no monthly fees making it much cheaper to secure  your home.

2.  Well Lit Exteriors 

According to security experts, most house burglaries can be stopped by having well lit exteriors. It is important that you eliminate dark and shadowy spots on your yards by eliminating any heavy vegetation that might be there.

Investing in relatively inexpensive good motion sensor lights has been known to deter common house burglars. Another option would be to use timers on interior lighting systems.

3.  Dummy systems

Sometimes all it takes to deter a potential burglar is the idea that he will be caught. Home security system stickers and signs and false security cameras are particularly handy as part of a dummy home security system.

Real-looking surveillance equipment and home protection is very cheap.
Flashing LED lights and cables would make the cameras look functional and hence give potential burglars the impression of a well protected home.

4.  Affordable Home Security System options

Affordable home security systems in San Francisco and other cities are offered under specific packages by security companies. Various affordable home security packages offer an array of features and equipment to meet different homeowner needs and preferences.

Though slightly costly then the other options, this option offers the most security and peace of mind as it comes with 24/7 surveillance, comprehensive security and easy to use security systems.

5.  Making a thorough inventory

Another cheap security solution would be to document all your home’s contents with special attention on the valuables. With a video camera in tow, you should take a tour of your premises and then store a copy of the tape in your safety deposit box. This inventory provides proof for your home insurance company and  the police in the event of a burglary.

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