Snacking Healthier in 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

With the incoming of a New Year, many people set resolutions. One common New Year’s resolution is to start eating healthier. Snacks are something a lot of people enjoy.  But if you want to eat healthy, then the snacks you consume are important. Some snacks are high in fat, sugar and calories. That is why it is important to start thinking about some healthier snack alternatives.

To find some healthy snacks, you should start looking at the ingredients. Try to find ones with natural or organic ingredients. It is also helpful to look at the fat content and the percentage of sodium or sugars in a snack. And to ultimately choose ones with healthier ingredients in them. Snacks like:

Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar-

During the holiday season, we all over indulged on those not-so-great-for-you snacks and everyone is now spending the beginning of 2016 looking for a way to bounce back, get fit and eat better, without sacrificing taste. This year, snack on a treat that's not only delicious, but also guilt-free. 

Pirate’s Booty offers a healthy alternative to passing out chips and fried finger foods, and it’s still a treat for the adults and kids but without the added sugar or fat! Snack options are typically not-so-great for you, so incorporating a snack that’s a step up from a standard greasy potato chip is a great way to start.

Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar:
•        Baked Rice & Corn Puff
•        No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
•        Gluten-Free
•        0g Trans Fat Per Serving 

Nature Valley Oats `n Honey Granola Bars -

“Nature Valley Oats `n Honey Granola Bars combine real honey and rolled oats, to produce a sweet, wholesome snack. Packed in two-bar pouches, Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars offer a crunchy snack you can take anywhere with 16g of whole grain per serving. The bars are full of classic crunch and whole grain goodness, providing energy to help keep you going. After listening to consumers, Nature Valley made some tweaks to the recipe to enhance the bars and making them easier to bite! Same taste. Same crunchy deliciousness. Same whole grains. Just easier to bite into.”

goodness knows-

o    goodnessknows® snack squares are a delicious and amazingly satisfying snack that is crafted with the goodness of whole nuts, real fruits, toasted oats and dark chocolate with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. 
o    Divided into four snackable squares per serving – all for 150 calories - goodnessknows® snack squares are nestled in a layer made with dark chocolate, and one individual, two-bite square contains approximately 40 calories.
o    They come in three delicious flavors:
  **cranberry almond dark chocolate-- Packed with roasted almonds and toasted rolled oats with a hint of natural sweetness, this combination leaves you feeling happily satisfied.
  **apple almond & peanut dark chocolate—Crunchy peanuts, toasted almonds and tangy apples are the perfect combination for snack time, a treat post-meal or during your favorite indoor or outdoor activity.
  **peach & cherry almond dark chocolate –Sweet peaches and cherries accompanied by wholesome toasted almonds and dark chocolate to create a satisfying crunch.

By combining delicious tasting and lightly smoked animal protein with savory nuts and dehydrated fruits, EPIC foods taste amazing! EPIC foods are unique in the sense that they are more savory, tender, and flavor-forward than jerky.  They also do not include the high carbohydrate and sugar contents that can be found in other bars. Reconnect with your ancestral diets and enjoy every bite of it!

**Watch this spot- more healthy snacks coming soon!

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