The Whaley House- San Diego

Thursday, February 11, 2016

One of the places I wanted to visit while in San Diego was the World Famous Whaley HouseLocated in Old Town, San Diego. Completed in 1857, it was acclaimed as the finest new brick block in Southern California.

The house has so much history. One of the things as well that drew me to the house was the fact that I read it was haunted. Ghost Hunters also did an episode on the house. It was quite interesting to see the house- old places are a great part of our history and nice to see them preserved. We did a self tour, which consisted up an upstairs and lower floor. The building also served multiple purposes since Mr Whaley was a businessman. Besides their home it was also a commercial theatre, (which was a short lived 3 weeks business), county courthouse and General Store.

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