February Expenses While in Arizona

Monday, February 29, 2016

End of the month. So time to tally the expenses for February and what we spent.

Still saw groceries were high although we did save $115 over last month's.
Next time we come here I need to bring a printer to print more coupons online. I did pick up Sunday's papers when here but would have liked to used more, and the online ones are definitely there.. but I need to print them ! AND we need to bring more dry goods from home, that don't have the added expense of the US $$ on them for us.

Groceries: $464 USD
Take out: $56 USD
Laundry: $20.25 USD ( I do smaller things in the RV and hang outside on our line)
Gas for the SUV : $95 USD
Propane for the RV : $65 USD
Gas for RV: $62 USD

We did not include the gas we spent on our week long trip to San Diego though, or the doggy day care there and camping fee.


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