Want To Burn An Extra 278 Calories A Day?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Burn 278 more calories a day with Ultimate ThermoFit!
If you're looking to melt off the pounds, then it's time to crank up the heat on your weight loss plan (literally) with Ultimate ThermoFit from It Works.

This exclusive dietary supplement from It Works uses a revolutionary ingredient made from red hot peppers called Capsimax® to elevate your body's ability to burn more calories and control cravings. 

Perhaps the most astounding statistic about this special ingredient—which can only be found in a handful of exclusive products throughout the world—is its calorie burning power.

Of course, exercise and a healthy diet are great ways to shape up and slim down. But most days, we're too tired, too busy, or just plain don't make our workouts a priority. Taking Ultimate ThermoFit up to three times a day can help offset your lack of workouts by helping you burn extra calories every day! How simple is that?

Want to really amp up your weight loss results? Imagine if you hit the gym plus used Ultimate ThermoFit to burn bonus calories...

Are There Any Side Effects?

Hot peppers are, well—spicy! And many formulations with other types of hot pepper blends than Capsimax® can cause upset stomach and uncomfortable digestion.

Fortunately, Ultimate ThermoFit is different. It uses a breakthrough micro-encapsulation technology to harness all the thermogenic, calorie-burning power of hot peppers, without oral or gastic irritation. We also added acai berry to the Ultimate ThermoFit, giving you anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and energizing benefits in each tablet.

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