Review: New Wash'N Go Singles- Designed to Lighten America's Laundry Basket

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Even though we've been living out in the desert in our RV all winter, we still need to wash clothes.

I'll hand wash the smaller things in a pail in the washroom to hang outside, but for blankets and bigger things like jeans and towels, we make a trip once a week to the laundromat in town, to do 1-2 loads of laundry.

When packing everything up, it's easier to have as light a load as possible. Most laundry soap containers are a little bulky. Laundry pods like Wash 'N Go make it easier and lighten the load. They also are easy to use. You simply just toss them into the wash drum, place the clothes in and start the machine. Everything already pre-measured for you. Simple.

My clothes came out surprisingly clean, for using such a small pod of soap. I must say I was surprised!  However, each pod IS concentrated 7X. 

Wash n Go comes in Fresh Scent and Free & Clear. Give them a try. Available in US only.

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