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Monday, September 19, 2016

Review by: Gerry

Need new glasses?  Check out where you can find wonderful styles at super cheap prices.  Any person who wears glasses will tell you that it is super important to have a good source for good quality glasses and is perfect. makes it super easy to find the perfect style and fit with their online My Fit Tool.  The process is very easy to use and ensures that you will receive a pair of glasses that will fit you perfectly every time. 

They feature a ton of different styles and colors, something for everyone.  They have both glasses and sunglasses on the site for you to choose from.  The glasses are all great quality and made of high quality materials.  They have great features you can choose from like scratch resistance, transitional lenses, and progressive lenses.  

Not only do they have a great variety, their prices are top notch.  They offer great quality glasses for half the price it would cost you at the optometrist’s office. So why spend your day in a stuffy office when you can easily shop online from the comfort of your own home, get a great stylish pair of glasses with all your favorite features, and pay half of what you would in the store?? is the best option when ordering your next pair of eye wear.

Gerry recently used to order a pair of Joseph Marc 4121 glasses.  He was very happy with the quality of the glasses.  They are very stylish and fit perfectly.

Was very impressed with’s speedy delivery as well. Can't say enough good about this company.. really!


  1. I think they're awesome. I used to get my glasses there before I had Lasik. Two pairs at my eye doctor's place was $1000, I got two for $180 at clearly because of a promo, and then there was an ebates rebate with it and my insurance reimbursed me.

    I still use it for the kid's glasses and contacts. They have excellent customer service.

  2. Thank you for the comments- and yes totally agree!


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