Happy Halloween Everyone!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Everyone! No trick or treaters for us today as we are all the way out in the desert.

Arrived late last night in Quartzsite, Arizona. We are told we are the 81st camper to arrive for the season here in this area. Just going to get settled with picking up the mail, maybe laundry... been on the road 9 days, since we left home in Canada, and need a rest from being on the road. Gerry said he drove
2, 697 miles! Weather here is warm- suppose to be 27 degrees today!


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  1. Hey Mikki:

    This is Aunty Shelly here in SKTN.So you're enjoying the 'traveling lifestyle'? How r u feeling these days - better I hope.You can check out happenings in my life on my facebook page or email me at:
    You should get lots of tanning done down there.Do you find the stores more affordable?

    Haddie :D


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