Last Night's Stay- Shelby, Montana

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I sure find it easier to plan ahead on our RV trips now on where we are planning to stay for the night than scrambling last minute, and pulling into town at dark, and then having to find a place to stay. 

Last night we stayed abut 7 miles outside of Shelby at a campground called Williamson Park Campground. Was in a wooded area at the end of the road.. no one else staying there, deer running around when we got there, and very secluded. 

There is someone that lives there though, since we registered when we first came in beside a trailer, and left $10 in an envelope, and deposited into a box nearby. There is bins for garbage, but no other services.Garbage truck came through in the morning.

We could get satellite out here but I couldn't pick up a signal on my cell.

We'd stay here again.

We drove back through town this morning and pulled into the Comfort Inn campground that we once stayed at before, and filled water and did sewer dumps at one of the sites. No one there and registration to stay at the campground is at the bottom of the hill at the no one paid any mind to us. I might add as well they have free WiFi in the campground, but Gerry was eager to get on the road and wasn't going to wait for me to be doing emails-haha.. so now back on my Verizon and on the road again towards Butte or Dillon, Montana.


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