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Friday, October 14, 2016

The last few days have been to say the least, not the greatest, but we're trying to be positive.

We got an early winter this year- dumped on with snow and more coming. We were hoping to leave to go west, then south, today. Yesterday we spent most of the day loading up the RV and the day before as well. Found out yesterday morning our water lines were frozen. Problem fixed though. Second problem came yesterday when we found out we had a fridge that wasn't working. We had others tell us it needs to run for 24 hours before we'll get it cool- but nope that didn't work. So, today, the day we were suppose to leave, we are stuck home. We have to take the RV down to the propane dealer today and have them look at it, and hoping it will be a cheap fix. It's snowing again. There is pretty much single lane traffic on Main Street downtown because of the snow, but we need to get it to the other end of town, and the other option is going down snowy hills. So think we'll more than likely attempt the drive through town. I'm not sure yet- 

We had to as well take most things out of the RV too that we need in the house again, call the town to get them to come turn our water back on, call to have services that were placed on hold, back on. Yeah, it's been one of those " not so great" last few days. We're still planning on going south- we're just unsure when we'll get out of here.    Luckily we didn't have any problems or injuries during the drive. Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can assist with personal injury cases and problems.

October 17-( update)
Looks like we need a new fridge for the RV. It's a big expense that will be at least $2600+ with the install. Not good for us. A big set back for sure. We just have to wait now for it to arrive. Should be a few days, then we can leave.


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