Edo Noodlefull Bowls- Limited Time!! Hurry!! (Canada)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Edo Japan is excited to introduce their wonderful, flavourful Noodlefull Bowls, available for a limited time. Enjoy these bountiful, beautiful, noodlefull meals before their gone! Featuring a colourful array of premium vegetables and Edo’s signature sauce, these tasty treats are sure to tingle your senses! Noodlefull Bowls will be available until November 7.

Edo’s Noodlefull Bowl consists of ramen style noodles, premium veggies, the choice of chicken or beef, and is topped with Edo’s signature teriyaki sauce. 

The premium vegetable mix consists of snow peas, broccoli, and thick cuts of red pepper and carrot. However, customers can also choose a no meat option and get a second serving of the premium vegetables instead. For protein lovers, there is an option to add shrimp, or double the meat serving of chicken or beef. For some added spice, customers can also add Edo’s complimentary chilli sauce to their bowl.

Gerry and I love this place! The food is to die for!!


  1. I love Edo and tried the noodles and they are so good.

  2. Watch for an upcoming giveaway from Edo Japan- coming soon!


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