Friday, September 23, 2016

Add a Pop of Color Next to Your Bathroom Sink with SoapBox Soaps

Add a pop of color next your bathroom sink with SoapBox Soaps. Their liquid hand soap and bar soap are the must-have bathroom accessory to cleanse and nourish hands. These soaps contain a soothing blend of aloe vera and shea butter that will leave your hands soft and smooth. The liquid hand soap comes in blissful scents like Pomegranate, Sea Minerals, Bataua, Coconut, and their new Vanilla scent! 

Or use the bar soap available in sweet scents like coconut, bataua fruit, and sea minerals. The luxurious bar soap and liquid hand soap are available for $3.99 each so you can feel pampered without breaking the bank! Let these soaps enrich your skin and the world! 

SoapBox donates a bar of soap to someone in need around the world with every product purchased. Just go to and type in the hope code on your product, to see which project your purchase will support!

10 Waste Whittling Wardrobe Makeover Tips

Before the change of season sneaks in on us, I wanted to share with you 10 great tips from Recyclebank, the incentives and behavior change platform focused on waste, on getting your wardrobe looking like new without wasting a thing. From keeping your clothes in good shape and patching them up to swapping with neighbors and properly disposing of all the pieces beyond repair, these tips have you covered for the perfect wardrobe makeover. 

1. Wash clothes in cold waterClothes we love to wear tend to wear out quickly. By washing in cold water, washing less often (when possible), and skipping the dryer, you can help these clothes stay as vibrant as the day you bought them, and keep them around a little bit longer, too.

2. Invest in patches. As for any clothes that are beyond those care tips above? To squeeze the last little bit of life out of these clothes, try your hand at sewing up tears or adding patches to cover holes or worn spots. (Some types of patching will even fix rain boots that have sprung a leak!)

3. Wear your clothes for their unintended purposesMake the most out of everything in your closet by styling your clothes in all different ways — for example, your favorite scarf could also double as a headband or even a poncho, depending on its size. This allows you to get more out of what you already have, which means you won’t be constantly shopping for new clothes… and no one will accuse you of being an outfit repeater. 

4. Tailor hand-me-downsHand-me-downs don't always have to look second-rate. To put your own spin on an old piece of clothing, get it tailored to fit you. And once it fits, you can add a patch, stitch on a new design, or change up little details like buttons to really make it your own.

5. Arrange a swap partyHand-me-downs don't always work when limited to family, so expand your horizons! Swap clothes with neighbors — they're like the siblings you never had.

6. Raid a thrift shopShopping at places like thrift shops can also be a lot like coming into hand-me-downs, but you get to choose what you want — and there's usually a lot more to choose from. Freshen them up and make them your own the same way you would hand-me-downs.

7. Recycle old eyeglassesItems like eyeglasses can be tricky to get rid of. You can't really hand them down to anyone you know, and recycling the individual materials (lenses and frames) isn't really possible. However, nonprofit organizations like Lions Club International have a different solution. They accept your old glasses by mail or drop-off, and reuse the lenses and frames for those in need.

8. Sell silver for goldYou might be hesitant to clear out those treasures in your jewelry box, but if they’re broken or outdated, you can sell them to get recycled and make some room (and $$$) for new bling.

9. Clean out the closet. When it's time to make room for some new (or “new”) clothes, do everything you can to give the clothes you’re done with a second life. Donate gently used clothes,  and get creative with clothes that are too worn to be passed along — they might be able to be used as rags, be upcycled as bedding by animal shelters or as art materials by schools, or even recycled at special drop-off locations.

10. Use kitchen tools for storageYes, you read that right. Old dishes and cups that you were looking to get rid of could be the perfect tools to organize your jewelry. Our favorite kitchen-to-closet switch is using a cheese grater to hang your earrings from, so you can display them all at once (it makes it easier to choose which to wear!).

Getting To Work Without Breaking The Bank


Getting to work can often take hours. Rush hour traffic often sees workers stuck at a standstill when they’d much rather be having an extra half an hour in bed. Petrol mounts up if you can’t partake in a carpool and sometimes just getting work takes a huge chunk out of your wage packet at the end of each month. So how do you beat the commuting blues? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you into the office faster, for less money and with a smile on your face. So as the costs of owning a car increase you may end up low on funds. You can use your car title to get a loan if you ever need money quickly. You can apply for a Title Max loan online and get the money in a half hour.

Once people pass their driving test, their days on the bus are officially over. But why? If you’re going to be stuck in traffic on the roads, why pay more to do the driving yourself in your own car. At least on a bus you can sit back and relax a little before you arrive in the workplace. Paytm Bus Coupons can cut the cost of already relatively cheap fares. What’s more, it’s much better for the environment. So you can give yourself a pat on the back for that too.


Trains have the benefit of speed. But this isn’t the best of it. They also don’t have to stand in traffic on the roads. They will mostly get you from A to B with little hassle and on time. To save standing on your journey, reserve a seat. This doesn’t usually cost any extra but it means there will be a space with your name on it when you board. On board refreshments are usually available and most stations offer free daily news papers. So sit back with your coffee, catch up on local, national and international news and arrive at your office awake and ready for the day ahead.


This is for the more energetic of us. Cycling is a brilliant option for getting to where you need to be. It’s free, it will keep you fit and healthy and also doesn’t add to your carbon footprint. If you don’t have far to go, a bicycle is a brilliant investment. You can also use it on your days off. A quick ride around the park is relaxing and lets you clear your mind. Remember to wear a helmet and be fully aware of the rules of the road.


Some will be horrified at the thought of walking to work. But it’s really not all too bad. As long as the weather permits, you can take it easy. Leave early, put your headphones in and pace in time with your favorite song. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings. If you have a friend nearby who goes a similar route, it offers a good opportunity to chat and catch up. It’s free, you’ll tone up and feel healthier and again, this is great for the environment.


Taxis are a good option, as long as you can share your journey. Otherwise it works out a little pricey. Services such as Uber give the option of picking people up on route for a cheaper fare. Many companies will also give you a discounted rate if you use them regularly, so inquire and always barter.