Before and After RV Lighting With LED Lights and

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our RV had regular light bulbs that cast a dim yellow light throughout the RV, making it difficult to see what we were doing most times. I was always asking Gerry why it was so dark in here. He said that it was the light bulbs and that if we wanted better lighting in here we would need to upgrade to LED lights.

We heard about that sells over 4500 different products, including the LED bulbs and decided to check out their website. Here we found the lighting we needed for most of the rooms in the RV. The only ones we couldn't find were globe LED ones for our bathroom vanity. We ordered around 22 for the other rooms and Gerry did the easy install. As you can see by the before and after photos it made quite the difference in our lighting in here.

As an added bonus  LED lights use less power

We are very happy with the new look inside the RV thanks to


  1. What a difference! We are still using incandescent in our bathroom too as I never see any of the LED bulbs that would match.

  2. Hubby says not everyone makes them but they do carry them- we are still looking though. We had a 13 w base but have learnt that a 1141 or 1156 base will work. Our issue is wanting a globe style.


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