Chloride #Arizona's Ghost Town?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

23 miles north of Kingman, Arizona is a small town called Chloride. I read about this place having a small ghost town within the town and wanted to check it out for myself since we were in the area.

We stopped at a little store in town and asked where it was- and surprisingly were told it was just next to the park behind us. We walked over but no one but a man and woman in an old time costume were there, and left when we were just getting there. No one else there and some of the buildings locked up. Other buildings were just fronts. 

Wasn't too sure what to make of the place. It seemed like some of the buildings may have been there from the old days- they sure smelled old. Like old wood and buildings can smell. But most others seemed like they may have been set to "create" the town. I did find these old wash tubs on a front porch of a old, more realistic looking house... and thought they were photo worthy.

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