Travel Expenses- RV Living For February '17 and Our Trip Home

Thursday, March 2, 2017

We have really found the time has gone quickly while living out here in the Arizona desert since the end of October. We are still waiting for the weather to get better further north before we start heading back. We had planned on returning in April but I have been having some health issues for a few months, and to see a doctor and get tests in the USA costs us $$. I did go to one local, small town doctor, paid $80 CDN and he didn't even examine me. Just gave his "diagnose" based I would think on the form I filled out, based out on my previous health history. So Gerry and I feel I should get back home and pay the doctor a visit.

We're planning a trip (an hour plus drive north), to Lake Havasu, Az., again this weekend, for a week or longer. We need to check out the mail there, some other locations we can camp at if we stay there, etc., as may be moving to that area this Fall. Alot of our money spent monthly is on gas when we travel places and our grocery budget. In the town we are in now we don't have anything but a couple of dollar stores and small town grocery store. Over priced and probably less as fresh for picking up what you need.In Havasu we'd be able to shop flyers, get good deals and sales and be closer to what we need. We had already seen while we had been in the area before we can cut expenses quite alot- and get more for our dollar.

Our expenses for February, as well as past months can be seen in the photo below.( Amounts in USD)

RV gas was a bit more since we went to Sedona and area, and Havasu again once or twice, as well as dental visits at the end of February to Mexico.The SUV gas also showed an increase as we used it more for traveling around those areas once we were settled and parked the RV. All other expenses decreased.
We had two cleanings and I had a chipped tooth filled, in Mexico. All for $120 total USD.

On a positive note, the weather is warming up again- as its not always HOT in the desert. Suppose to be 22 Celsius and sunny, or 72 Fahrenheit today.


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