#Zion National Park

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spent a few hours today at beautiful Zion National Park.

Took Jake to doggy daycare ($26 USD)

                                                               See the deer in here ?

$30 USD fee to get into the park, use the shuttle service that takes you on a 40 minute trip one way trip through the park. There are 8 shuttle stops around the park to get off and get back on again should you choose to get off and take photos or go hiking on their trails.


  1. Did you do any hiking there? We loved our time there, it is beautiful. Do you stop and see the gorgeous lodge that they have there, it was towards the end of the shuttle ride.

  2. No, no hikes. We were there for a while as it was and had left the dog, which he's usually anxious we hear when we're away. Took the shuttle earlier in day good thing because by time we were done it was like Disneyland there for line ups! Yes, were inside the lodge - share a giant cookie there :)


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