Starting Home and Getting Out of the Desert Heat!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Man it's been sooo hot. Temps this week alone have been in the 90's and much too hot for us. Even noticed my stick deodorant was melting like butter! We have left Quartzsite though and in Craggy Wash BLM near Lake Havasu, Az. again. We'll be here for a few days. Jakey has an appt for the vet on Friday.Then we'll see about possibly moving along on the weekend. It will depend on a package we were are still waiting on, if that comes in. Sooner the better- just to get to somewhere a  few degrees cooler.

                                      Bird nest right beside the RV

                                         Desert is all in bloom

            Gerry said we'll be back home and I'll wish for this weather again- but I said no way- this is way too hot to even enjoy being outdoors!

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