Product Review: Grime Boss- Keeping Clean Outdoors Has Never Been Easier

Monday, July 10, 2017

Heavy duty surface and hand wipes- Grime Boss. Hubby says these are the best thing for dirty outdoor working hands since soap and water!

Gerry works in the shop and yard most days and his hands do get dirty. Usually he'll just clean up with a garden hose and dish soap.

With Grime Boss cleansing cloths, he has ready to use cleaning power at his fingertips. Plus they work great for cleaning his face too . Nicely citrus scented or unscented, it easily removes  oil, grease, adhesives,dirt, latex paint, etc..
The cloths offer a dual scrubbing action- one side tough, one side smooth,and are super strong. Gerry liked that. Plus they offered ultra moisturizing and with no harsh chemicals. 

They definitely will come in "hand-y"!

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