Saturday- July 1

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day today- fireworks last night but didn't go... usually in bed before then- although they did wake us up after midnight with all the "boom" and the "boom" noises. Our small town doesn't have fireworks but the neighboring town 3 miles away does. Also a "Homecoming" going on in town over the weekend but we kept a low profile. 

Our oldest daughter let us know she wouldn't be coming home this summer- sadly. Too much going on in her life right now, expenses for her boat and always a long trip here from Central America. She'll be in Florida in November but quite a distance even for us to take the RV there from the West- where we're usually at, so not sure we'll be hooking up this year. But things can always change.

There was a cancellation the other day in the hospital and so I got scheduled in for another endoscopy, (been two years since the last one). Have to wait to get the official report back but the unofficial report was they found polyps and I think may have removed to check. So now I wait.

Gerry sold his old truck to a neighbor for $500 and bought a utility trailer for $200- so going to use that instead. Fixed it up quite nicely too from the state the guy had sold it to him in.

This week  the water hose on the washer started leaking. Before I knew it- there was a puddle on the floor and it had already gone under the laminate floor boards. Needless to say it lifted up the floor boards a bit... but not much we can do about it.

Thinking about a trip out of town for the Summer but haven't decided yet- driving anywhere I'd "like" to go to- like back over the border to the USA or west to the mountains would cost a bit- so will have to just wait and see. The RV is nice- but such a gas guzzler!

 And where is YOUR summer travels taking you this year?

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