Machiavellian Marketing Tricks That Make You Spend A Fortune

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Most of us think we are immune to marketing. But guess what? None of us are, and life right now is a minefield of manipulation that is all designed to get you spending money. Marketing in all its forms is almost impossible to ignore, and like it or not, the imagery, emails, and advertising we see can have more of an impact than you might think. Here are some of the Machiavellian marketing tricks you need to be aware of if you want to save a lot of money.

The high-ticket item

The next time you go to a restaurant for a well-earned meal out, take a good look at the menu. The chances are there will be one standout meal that costs an absolute fortune, and the chances are also pretty good that no one has ever - or will ever - buy it. So, why is it there? According to, the simple truth is that the meal’s existence is purely to make all the other meals sound like they are better value. And it works in other environments, too. Whenever you see a high price, you automatically think something else is a good deal.

The ‘must end’ now

Another tactic that encourages us to open our purse strings is the presentation of urgency. You see this happening in several ways. It might be a product that has ‘limited stock,’ or perhaps there is a ‘limited time’ offer. It makes you think that once that product is gone, it won’t ever be available again. The trouble is, you will often find products like these back on the shelves at a super discount price within six months. Of course, there are occasions when you have to move fast, but the reality is they are few and far between. And you should never, ever buy something you don't need only because the offer must end.

The Hype

Marketing hype is always around us for a good reason: it works. When a brand new product arrives on the market, people tend to go mad for it - regardless of whether it is actually that useful or innovative. Take the Pokemon craze from last year - it was huge. But kids got bored incredibly quickly, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone getting excited about it now. So, don’t get sucked into the marketing hype. Do your research on any product you might be interested in. recommend using expert reviews, while others might suggest user reviews - the kind of thing you see on Amazon. Arm yourself with the real information, avoid the hype, and you will reduce your spending by a significant amount.

The gift card

Stop buying gift cards for family and friends as a birthday or Christmas present. It’s a complete waste of money, for a couple of reasons. First of all, a lot of gift cards get lost or are never used. The store keeps the money you spend, which is, in effect, on nothing. And even when they are used, the store gets a higher return than you spent. The recipient will pay over 30 percent more, using their own money, and gift card are just a way of retailers eking out more profit.

Do you know any marketing tricks to avoid? Share your knowledge in the comments!

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