North Platte, Nebraska- 2 Day Stop

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

                                  Campground- half full

We've decided to take a 2 day stop in North Platte, Nebraska. We arrived yesterday afternoon, and Gerry wanted to check into a campground so we could do laundry, get showers, etc.. plus free Wi-Fi at the campground! We had made a few pit stops along the way here and twice Jakey stepped in burrs- something we knew little of. But now we do! Windy along the way as well, made for harder driving conditions for Gerry, keeping the RV on the road. We missed out on an 1880's town that was created for the movie Dances with Wolves that starred Kevin Costner, but was closed for the season.

                                        Place to walk Jakey

Will be checking out of this campground soon and heading to Walmart parking lot, with the truckers for the day/ night. Nice to have all the electrical, unlimited water, etc but came with a price of $37 US. Jakey gets excited though seeing the squirrels around here- and they are so big compared to the ones back home, and alot of people with their dogs. Seems like most that travel have pets.

Stopped today at the Fort Cody Trading Post here in North Platte. 

                                                          Gerry outside The Trading Post
                               2 Headed Calf- Lived only 48 hours

Family owned and run since 1963, it features a few road side attractions, as well as a huge gift shop. Admission is free to their outdoor stockade and western museum indoors which includes vintage cowboy gear, firearms, Buffalo Bill photos, and the permanent home to the Buffalo Bill Miniature Wild West Show.
Two nice ladies working in the gift shop today- gave them a loonie and toonie- as we got to talking about our money and they didn't know about the "loonies" and "toonies" of Canadian money, but now they do!

                                          The Indian Muffler Man


                                                 Old time Buffalo Bill photos

                                  Lots of animal heads on the walls: bulls, buffalo, deer

                                    Part of the replica of the Wild West Show- hand carved- over 20,000 figures- taking 12 years to complete

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