Friday, February 3, 2017

A Day of Exploring in Camp Verde, #Arizona- and a Stay In the Deadhorse State Park/Cottonwood

Yesterday we pulled into the Dead Horse Ranch State Park later afternoon. The place is clean, with a welcoming staff at the gate. Each time we've driven through, we've been pleasantly greeted with a smile and a little conversation. The park has a nice entrance of huge trees on the property- we almost wished we could be parked amongst them- they were beautiful! We are staying for 3 nights in the park while we see shop on the area and see some of the more popular attractions in Camp Verde, down the road.

Jakey stayed at a wonderful kennel today in Cottonwood- Applewood Kennels. We would highly recommend if you are going to the area. He'll be going back again tomorrow! Awesome staff and we felt comfortable leaving him in good hands.We headed over to Fort Verde State Historic Park after we dropped Jakey off. 

The Fort Verde State Historic Park in Camp Verde, Arizona preserves three buildings on the National Register of historic places.You can read all about the history of the park here. We enjoyed seeing the museum on property as well the historic buildings, and hearing about life as a frontier soldier in the 1800's.

Since we were in the area, we decided to drive up the road 3 miles to the Montezuma Castle National Monumen, one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America. A truly amazing place to see!

And one last stop... a stop to see the World's Largest Kokopelli- 

A 32-foot-tall sign of the Navajo Indian God of Wealth and Fertility stands in front of the Krazy Kokopelli Trading Post. 

There ended our day - till tomorrow......