Monday, October 16, 2017

Eventful Week

I've had to think a few times about what to write over the last few days, as it's been an eventful week. We're back home though- for now.

My dad ended up in the local hospital last week with Sepsis, which possibly led to kidney issues, which led to him having to be flown out of town and to the city, where he awaits a kidney biopsy on Monday. While all this was happening and while he was still in our hometown, we were getting ready to go on our trip south, which we did. But we returned. We hadn't at the time heard he was flown out, but while we were away we had mechanical problems with our SUV about 6 hours out of here. Problems that came out of nowhere. We decided we would come back home and look after them here.

Once home we had furnace issues, which were kind of there possibly before we left, but we noticed more so when we returned home and it took 6 hours to warm the house. We called in someone and found out that we need a new chimney, as our old one was rusted away and causing the pilot light to go out in our propane furnace. New one getting installed Monday- $800+

The problem with the SUV turned out to be a rock that popped out of the fan once we got home. But to be on the safe side- we are having a diagnostic test done here on Tuesday.

While home, Gerry will be helping my mom with things around their place and winterizing there, while my dad is away. We are hoping things will improve for my dad and still hope to go away next week, but will see what time brings us.

*** UPDATE: 10/16/17 - 
Dad is doing better ..
SUV - all good- we had a neighbor with scanner look at it- and saved the cost there.
New chimney cost with labor- $550- so less than we thought

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