Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quiznos Celebrates National Sandwich Day November 3rd

Celebrate National Sandwich Day with Quiznos’ most popular sub, the Classic Italian, for just $5! Quiznos is famous for its Toasted Sandwiches. True toasting releases the flavors in Quiznos’ meats and cheeses, and there is no better sandwich toasted than the Classic Italian. 

Quiznos has been toasting it up since they first opened their doors over 35 years ago in Denver, Colo., and the Classic Italian has been Quiznos’ most popular sub ever since. The 8-inch Classic Italian sub is available for just $5 on National Sandwich Day, Friday, November 3, at participating Quiznos U.S. locations.

We've Arrived- Kansas and Boy Is Today Hot!

I think most of the this area has one HOT day and it's hot today- 28 degrees! 
Made a road side stop off US 83 to see the Buffalo Bill Monument in Oakley, Kansas- worth the stop. This sculpture is amazing!

                                          Me-as Annie Oakley

Then further up the road- but down very rough, dusty farm roads, the Monument Rocks- Chalk Pyramids. This was another one of these times I can say - if I would have known, I would have said no we don't have to see it. They were interesting but the dust is still lingering in the RV in the air...and in my lungs I'm sure from those roads, and the RV took a bit of a kicking, but we all survived! The ones across the way from where we were walking about reminded me of Stonehenge!