February's Expenses For Life on the Road

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Well this month didn't find as much loose change as the month before- only. 17 this month. Added a bit extra and donated at a laundromat collection box for a dental for kids program.

Expenses for last month are as follows-
and we did make 2 trips out of town so had the RV gas with those. And also see I went quite high with take out so have to be more mindful of that and perhaps treat out less or use those coupons for fast food from the flyers more. 
Laundry was higher but used the inside washer less, and washed some bigger items that needed to be washed at the mat.

Laundry- $26.50
Dumps/Water for RV- $45
Take Out-$69.69
Camping- $40
RV Gas- $258
SUV Gas- $61
Groceries- $521.61

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