Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sometimes it is easy to forget the monetary value of something. We so easily take many things for granted that we’ve spent thousands, or potentially hundreds of thousands on. Why is that? Because we get greedy with the things we have, and we always want more. That nice new car you’ve got? After a year it’ll be old and you wouldn’t care about bumping into a car, or accidentally reversing into a sign. Eventually however, this behaviour will catch up on us, not just with cars, but with many things in life. Before we know it we’re paying through the nose to get something fixed! So, we’re here to show you how you can protect some of your most valuable assets.


We often think of assets as material things. Something we’ve bought, worked hard for etc. But you need to think of your family as your biggest asset. They’re the people who are going to be there for you when no one else will, and the people who are going to be looking up to you for help and advice, especially your children. So have you ever considered getting life insurance. Don’t view this as something morbic, view it as something protective. It is a way of building up a large sum of money that will keep them protected if anything were to ever happen to you. It would cover things such as funeral costs, the cost of living, and give them a future supported by you even if you weren’t around. It’s so easy to set up, we highly recommend you do this.


So, let’s talk about something much more materialistic. Some people absolutely worship their cars, some just see it as a way to get from A to B. But what we do know is that you’re most likely going to have spent a lot of money on this at some point, and if something does go wrong they’re a lot of money to fix. A lot of people ignore the extended warranties that garages try to sell them in fear of being ripped off. However, something such as drivetrain warranty from Carchex. It covers all of the areas of the car that are involved in moving the car, or as you might like to know, some of the most expensive parts of the car. Something like this could potentially save you thousands of pounds. When something big does go wrong with a car, such as part of the drivetrain system, it definitely wouldn’t be cheap. Always make sure you’re with the best insurance as well. You’d be surprised how many refuse to pay out for a claim!


This one is a no brainer, house insurance is a must. If you don’t have it, get researching now. It protects your house, and most of the belongings in it from things such as a break in, fire, water leak etc. If you think about all of the items in your home, you should realize they equate to a lot of money, Whilst your insurance wouldn’t give you the items back, they would give you the money to help towards buying new ones.

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