Saving Money As An Uber Addict

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thanks to Uber, hailing a cab has never been easier. You simply have to load the app and book yourself a car. There’s no need to walk up and down a street trying to find a taxi rank anymore!

There’s no denying that Uber is super convenient, and it can be very addictive to use the service when you are out and about. But there is also no denying that the cost of rides can start to add up very quickly. Don’t want to break the bank while trying to get around town? Here are some great hacks that will save you some money.

Book Via The Facebook App

Uber have a partnership with Facebook and this means that you can now book your ride using the Facebook app. You just need the Facebook Messenger app and then open a new message window. Click the “more options” tab and you’ll be given the chance to hail a ride. If you are a first-time Uber user, then you’ll be given $20 credit. If not, you will still find that this works out a lot cheaper than using the official Uber app.

Cancel WIthin Two Minutes

Once you have booked your ride, you are given a two-minute grace period. This is so you cancel without being charged. After all, it can be easy to get addresses and locations mixed up, so Uber have given you this grace period to make sure that you can correct any errors without worrying about being charged for the wrong ride!

Claim For Accidents And Incidents

If anything goes wrong during an Uber ride, you should always take the issue to Uber support. They will probably refund you for your ride. If anything serious happens, such as a road traffic accident, you should contact the Lavent Law accident firm or a similar attorney who specializes in Uber accident. They will see if you are entitled to any compensation.

Look For Promo Codes

There are often Uber promo codes floating around online. Carrying out a quick Google search should uncover some for you. You just need to enter the code in the app when you book a ride, and you will save a percentage of the overall fair. There are lots of special discounts that are exclusively for new Uber riders, so if you’ve never used the app before you should take a look for some codes before you book your first ride.

Split The Fare

Taking a ride with a group of friends? Don’t feel like you have to pay for it all yourself - you can now split the fare between anyone else who has the Uber app on their phone. This will make it a lot easier to split the overall fare as you won’t have to do any sums after the ride! You just request a car and then choose the “split fare” option. Enter your friend’s phone number in and they should get a notification asking them to authorize the split fare.

These should help you save a lot of cash on your rides!

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