Healthy Eating With Subway's Fresh Fit Choices

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gerry and I love eating at Subway. A few top reasons are that we love eating there are -
- the abundance of choices for subs and toppings
-food made in front of you and always fresh
-and also their choice of the Fresh Fit Menu  which includes daily, different 6" sub choices of 400 calories or less

Their 8 Fresh Fit choices of subs include:
-Black forest ham
-Oven roasted chicken
-Roast beef
-Rotisserie-Style Chicken
-Subway Club
-Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
-Turkey breast
-Veggie delite

Gerry and I like to choose the recommended 9 whole grain bread with this menu
We recently had a great turkey breast sub- and of course each likes their own toppings.

What I personally love about Subway is the fresh baked bread and that fact that there is not ingredients in the bread such as high fructose that I have trouble digesting. This alone limits me on breads I can eat when eating out. 
Gerry loves building his own sandwiches - combos he feels he will like and he knows it's made fresh in front of him.
We really love Subway and will always be big fans! 
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  1. I'm into their wraps..... I tend to grab one at least once a week and OOOOMMMMMGGG the cheddar broc soup


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