It's Been Hot But Cooler Weather on the Way

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It has been a hot week but looks like we're in for a bit of cooling down, and I wont complain. As long as the sun is shining! The heat really drags us down. We go out hiking usually before lunch, before it gets hot. Was hotter last year when we were here in Arizona, but will be cooler I think when we finally leave to start out trek north, after Easter long weekend. Don't want to be on highway when its too busy, so we'll go after it's all done.

Am looking for a place along the way to get Jakey his doggy dental for under $200 US. His last cleaning was June 2017 and he's due again but it's too costly here and back home. He had his annual needle the other day and check up, has also had a few hair cuts while we are here- also cheaper than back home so will get one of those again for him before we return. And speaking of dogs, we saw one bigger one behind our RV the other day- and I called Gerry as dogs shouldn't be loose out here. I figured it had to have gotten loose from it's owner.  I tried calling it but it didnt seem to want to come to me. A few minutes later we saw a frantic young woman driving around looking around so we waved her over here.. it was a chase for her to get her dog that did not want to go to her and heading to the highway where cars were honking. I'm glad to say it had a happy ending and she finally got it reared back in the direction she was camping up the road from us. 

Gerry and I made a visit to a collectibles store last week, here in Havasu. We found it interesting, as the guy has a booklet he hands out on what collectibles he buys. Naturally they could be deemed as harder to find, but still, we were intrigued and think once I get home, will start some "treasure hunting" at a few of our thrift stores. Would love to be find something/s worth some $$ to take back here to him the next time we return. We don't feel there is much use in looking here for those collectibles, as with his business, he would have alot of soldiers out there doing foot work already in this area.. but we are interested- makes for a great hobby!

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