Review: Naipo Handheld Dual-node Percussion Massager with Replaceable Attachments

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I was recently looking for something to use on my upper legs as a massager. Something I've had for years is achy upper legs. Right from the knee up. A couple years ago I was told I had bad blood flow in one leg and had a vein "fixed", but it seems like the problem still remains. I hike almost daily but even on non hike days they can get achy. When it's warm they get achy! I found that soaking in a hot tub of water would ease that ache, but when we travel and are in Arizona in our RV for 6 months, there is no tub! So I'll squeeze them with my hands. After a bit this gets hard on the hands. Well no more! If you have this problem too, and not only for leg aches, but for all body aches, this is a must product. And.. it's only $39.99! Seriously a great deal- and you can order it on Amazon .

Visit Naipo and see all the features it offers. My favorites are that it is quiet, heat is an available option to use with it, and of course it feels so good on achy muscles. You owe it to yourself and it's so much cheaper than regular visits to a masseuse! Naipo also is offering $12 off by using coupon code SW8BYDRE @

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