2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

Friday, May 31, 2019

Looking for a Father's Day gift for a dad who consistently goes above and beyond? We have those gifts ideas from brands we hold near and dear to us.

To help you with your Father's Day gift shopping, we compiled a list of fun and useful gifts that fit any budget.

Honeydew Sleep Company-

Meet the Most Scrumptious Pillows in the World! Scrumptious Pillows for dad - The Perfect Place for him  to Rest His Melon!  Check out the classic pillow, side sleeper pillow, body pillow, and travel pillow for dad this Father's Day!


Grilling has never been this good! Dad's gonna love this one!  An organic biodegradable disposable grill . Something different for dad- great for at home, or outdoors, camping, playing, hunting, hiking, etc.

A disposable barbecue that inspiring others to become more healthy and environmentally conscious about the products they may encounter.
CasusGrill works and operates on four core values that they strive to achieve both internally and externally in their company:
1. Respect
2. Think Eco
3. Play the Team
4. Environmental Ambassador

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Buzz Bee Toys- For the dad that loves to have fun in the backyard with the kids!

Adventure Force Power Raider by Buzz Bee ToysThe Adventure Force Power Raider by Buzz Bee Toys provides both power and accuracy so you’re sure to soak your opponent every time! You can blast water up to 40 feet and use the battery operated Red-Dot-Scope for pinpoint aiming. With three adjustable nozzles and the capacity to hold up to 65 ounces of water, you will be suited up for your next water battle! MSRP $19.84

The Adventure Force Thermal Tracker by Buzz Bee Toys provides unbeatable target detection. Its heat seeking scope detects a heat source up to 60 feet away, and its cross hairs will turn red when on target! Coupled with blasting power of up to 100 feet and rail adapter, your opponent's escape is near impossible! MSRP $24.97

Mission Belt-

Mission Belt isn't just a belt company - it is THE belt company. Traditional belts with holes are only adjustable every 1”-- which usually means pants are either too tight or falling off. Mission Belts are adjustable every 1/4” so he'll get the perfect fit every time. They also not only want dad looking good but feeling good too. That's why a dollar from every Mission Belt goes to fight global poverty. To date, they have loaned over $3.6 million to people in over 70 countries. And yeah, it's that belt you saw on SharkTank. We personally love these belts. Gerry has a couple of them because they truly are his favorite belt!

** Watch this spot for more gift ideas coming soon!

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